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Becoming a Kinesiologist

Becoming a kinesiologist isn’t just about acquiring a new skill or moulding oneself to meet the criteria of a new modality.


It’s about opening the door to a whole new way of engaging with life; one that emerges from your own values and the way kinesiology invites you deeper into the body.


Some students find themselves inspired by the structural side of the science, where others are enveloped into the potential for emotional empowerment. Some find deep purpose in using it to provide pain relief, where as others love leading the age recession techniques and looking at the timelines that hint to whatever has hindered our energy.


However the science of kinesiology speaks to you, it will be in her subtle cues that you’ll reveal your own story together. 

And studying her is where the story gets to begin!

One where the practical meets the energetic, and a deep respect for the body is what guides your path - both personally and professionally.


One where you’re held by a professional standard so that kinesiology can create the unique connection she wants to have with you.


And one where you can put to rest the pressure of simply ‘passing’ and instead purposely enter a learning environment that sustains your excitement and leaves you embodying your own understanding.

However you choose to enter the field of kinesiology, whether there’s a deep curiosity or a fear of the unknown, know that studying her is like coming into the right relationship with your own compass. 


Learning how to clear the channel of communication within oneself and those that you care about, so that there’s no longer any confusion between you and the body. Your Chi life force energy is given a chance to flow fast and freely, and the body finally gets to have a voice.


It’s one thing to know the holistic nature of our bodies, and another to entrust ourselves with the gift of finally being able to use it to our advantage. Our health really does begin to feel like it’s in our own hands, and we get to pass that wisdom on to our communities and our families. 


What awaits you on the inside?

A community of humans from all walks of life - nurses, physios, mums, IT professionals, those with bodywork experience and those with none. 


Here, we’re coming together to create a new world support system where people are back in the driver’s seat of their lives, learning the art, technique and presence that is needed to circulate empowerment back out into our families and communities. The ripple effect of this will be felt far and wide, and if your curiosity has led you here, then there’s no doubt that you’re being asked to be a part of that.


Created to fit within school hours and family friendly lifestyles, my school is here to support absolutely everyone, no matter your preferred learning style. 


Local or interstate, there are options to elevate your experience so you get to enjoy the process of empowering yourself with these holistic techniques.

Why PKP Kinesiology?


Grounded in the study of anatomy and physiology, PKP Kinesiology provides an ethical foundation and professional standard to this holistic approach of connecting humans with their most embodied state of balance. 


It’s the basis of building your experience as a kinesiologist with reverence for both the physical and energetic, with strong ethics behind you and techniques steeped in science. Both registration and insurance are available to you upon completion and you’ll have the confidence to not only discover the type of kinesiologist you want to be, but boldly step into your community and family with a deep respect for it’s magic.


Level 1 Certificate in PKP Kinesiology

(enrolments open several times a year)


A&P1 - Anatomy and Physiology 1

BKP101 - Energisers and Self Care

BKP102 - Proficient Manual Muscle Testing

BKP103 - Introduction to Law of 5-Elements

BKP104 - The Body Superficial Energy Connections

BKP105 - The Law of 5 - Elements in depth

BKP106 - Professional skills, Balancing Protocol with ICPKP database

BKP107 - Pain Reduction

BKP108 - Balancing with Food/History

BKP109 - Advanced muscles techniques

BKP110 - Functioning as a Practitioner

EMS201 - Mastery of emotional stress release

RBT201 - Clinical Body touch and Draping

PKP Diploma of Kinesiology to be released in 2023.

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