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This disclaimer in is regards to all blogs posted by Kathy Beardmore at Connecting Balance. Any blogs are posted and presented for informational purposes only and doesn't substitute any medical advice. Kathy Beardmore holds varied educational certifications in Kinesiology, how ever Kathy Beardmore is not a certified medical doctor. I encourage you to always seek medical advice with a licensed general practitioner in regards to any sickness, prescription, diagnosis or treatment. Never delay seeking medical advice or avoid it based on the content of these blogs. The blogs written by Kathy Beardmore at Connecting Balance are based on her education and knowledge with clients and as a licensed Kinesiologist only. Please be ensure that everyone is different in regards to their health and required medical attention and you should always seek professional medical advise if you are ever unsure of the instructions you have read or been given.
Any links provided are for you to be able to source pro choice information that you are strictly responsible for on your own accord. Kathy Beardmore and Connecting Balance hold no responsibility for what you do after reading one of our blogs. Please seek medical attention if you suspect you may have any type of sickness, illness or disease.  

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