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PKP Kinesiologist & teacher.
Communicating the body's medicine.
Leading the way for grounded, educated and heart driven Kinesiologists.

There’s a world I know to be true, where self-honour sits at the centre.


Where what you feel has roots in the subtle systems of your body, and kinesiology is the science that guides it all to the surface. 


Where you and your body get to meet in the middle, and once you do, you’ll forever know the way back home to your own healing.

Kinesiology has brought me and my family home, again and again. I’m yet to have found another way where I get to effortlessly nourish those I love so deeply.


Whether that be by plugging into the unique messages of my body or feeling liberated by the opportunity to test my child’s tolerance to what might pain him.

No matter how it weaves itself through my life, I’m yet to see an alternative for the exhilarating exchange I get to be a part of as I tune into nature and see the science of the body find its voice.


Kinesiology is a gift. An undeniably empowering experience for everyone involved. And in a society that tries to steer us into more of the same, Kinesiology truly does set the tone for our own sovereign, personalised health. 


When we get to approach health with a clean slate and a clearer insight, we get to create a custom care plan that takes on a whole new refined meaning from person to person. Connecting balance between our anatomy, physiology and energy field, in a way that doesn’t diagnose, but dissolves anything impeding on the direction of our own body wisdom.


To me, this is true body-based living.

An adaptive art to holistic healing that embraces every aspect of your timeline and has empowered me to lead myself and lead my family countless times over. 


When kinesiology enters your life, you become one with it. You see the world differently, your confusion can become clarity in an instant, and it becomes a natural, beautiful part of who you are.

It wasn’t until my son was born in 2014 that I first encountered the magical world of Kinesiology. 


After a traumatic birth experience, I witnessed my son’s tension clear as he melted into my arms with relief, following our first kinesiology experience. The physical changes were immediate, creating change in his now more restful sleep patterns, feeding, bowels and development within a short space of 24 hours. Through myself as the surrogate and the craftsmanship of kinesiology, I was able to help him release the stress he was holding structurally, physically and emotionally, and it was at this moment that everything changed. 


Knowing that I could not only help my child, but myself, my family and my community in regaining balance in their bodies through something so practical, holistic and deeply personal -  this was all l needed to begin my career and begin sharing it with the world. I now long to put this power into everyone’s hands, creating a school that sees everyone from mothers to nurses to IT workers, all becoming attuned to the science and art of translating the body’s wisdom. 


Kinesiology is not only our window into the holistic nature of our bodies, it’s our way to leverage that insight and truly take back our health as the unique individuals that we are. Looking at the body as an open-ended vessel, and treating the body like a current of energy that can be recalibrated for our most harmonised state of being, together we’re tapping into eastern medicine practices that see us as whole beings. Structurally, nutritionally, emotionally, we’re wired for balance. And when we are, everything in our lives is free to change for the better.



- Lauren P,
In Clinic Kinesiology Client

I’m so grateful that a friend recommended Kathy. I really don’t know where I would be without her support. Kathy is extremely gifted and incredibly knowledgeable. As soon as I met Kathy I felt comfortable and safe. Having suffered from anxiety for all of my life I was desperate to find a practitioner that worked with me to put my mind at ease. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I feel comfortable in my own skin, I feel lighter and so much happier than I thought I could be. My soul is finally dancing again. If you're a first timer to Kinesiology like I was, I urge you to take the first step on a path to being the best version of yourself. 

- Jaime A,
In Clinic Kinesiology Client

'After the passing of my 3-month-old daughter, there were so many things to work through, the other children, trauma, emotions and triggers. Kinesiology helped me gently shift things to have more control and clarity. I highly recommend Kathy, not only for her knowledge but her caring, gentle approach. She is simply brilliant.'

- Ros N,
In Clinic Kinesiology Client

Being a newbie to Kinesiology I must admit I was a little bit sceptical, I met with Kathy and I didn't think we would get much covered at that time but I couldn't be more wrong. I was looking forward to seeing Kathy again. Within 4 weeks I was experiencing relief from menopause & other symptoms that I hadn't been able to find elsewhere. In only 2 months I've regained energy that I thought I'd lost, and pain relief from the pain that I'd had for a number of years. Drs kept saying "it's your age!! "Grrr, Kathy was reassuring in saying that I don't need to feel this way. I have personally recommended Kathy to family, who have also had results. I thoroughly recommend Kathy for who she is and how she can help.

- Melissa F, In Clinic Kinesiology Client

"After dealing for years with some bloating and constipation in my 4yo, I was amazed that within a week of seeing Kathy, and the smallest tweaks to her diet we have now had over a month of perfect bowel movements. I finally feel like we are receiving a personalised approach, and can’t believe how simple and effective it was, yet no one else ever was able to help. Thank you for your wealth of knowledge Kathy"


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