Introduction to Human Design

Human Design is your own individual energetic road map on how to honour and expand your life and the lives of others.

Human Design makes your life easier and gives you full trust in yourself.

Unapologetically me

I couldn't recommend this highly enough. It provided me with so much clarity and helped me be unapologetically myself

— student

Are you ready for your ultimate ' thank fuck for that' moment?


First of all, I just want to say, I'm so proud of you!!! It's can be freaking hard making the first step and you are here showing up for yourself and for that I want to honour you! Secondly, if you clicked on this link faster than the flash himself and you were pulled here by your soul I just want to say, I'm proud of you too babe!

Now because I don't like to mess around ( this is your direction and purpose after all ) lets gets straight to the point with the nitty-gritty and then I'll answer so further questions below

When is it?

You can enter this course at any time! All the course materials will be emailed to you within 48 hours of your payment being received.

What is the investment?

$222.00 AUD. Yep, not kidding, that is it.

There is even the option 2 pay it in 2 halves - money shouldn't be an obstacle and I like to provide you with options


Now that you know the important details lets get down to the even more important details!

SYSOF Introduction to Human Design is all about giving you clarity and direction that is truest to who you naturally are. We are all here to uniquely move through this world in our own way with the least resistance, and that is what I want you to experience. Little resistance and effortless flow 

If you have been following me for a while you may have heard me bang on about Human Design.

*cue inspiration music here*

Human Design is a scientific/spiritual system based on our Yin and Yang. It's with this system that we are shown the road map to our own unique archetype. Our archetype represents our energy, psychology, personality and our truest most energetic gifts. How beautiful is that! 

So what do you need to know?

What is involved in this kickstart course?

- Learn how to read your own Human Design Chart, focusing on the core basics that need to be mastered to get you in flow with your design.

- Learn what emotions are holding you back from being in true alignment and what parts of your design are not in flow. Awareness is KEY!

- Learn valuable emotional stress release tools to tone down the reactive parts of your brain, calm your nervous system and break the cycle of repeating limiting emotions.

- Know what your specific tool is when it comes to making decisions, how you are supposed to move through this world and how you can best process your thoughts and emotions without pressure

- Get clear on how to set boundaries and be aware when you're taking on others peoples emotions, mental pressure and thoughts.

- Get rids of any self-doubt and embrace feeling fully confident in who you are.

What do I need to do in this kickstart course?

You will need to come prepared with your Human Design Chart. I will step you through that once you have purchased your ticket in your welcome email.

However, before purchasing your ticket please make sure you know your date of birth, exact time of birth ( very important) and your location of birth. If you do not have these details unfortunately you cannot get your Human Design Chart. If you are unsure of your birth time you can contact your birth hospital, check your birth certificate or ask someone whom you think may know.

Will this course be recorded?

Yes! Life gets busy and with all different time zones, you can't always guarantee you can show up ( However it would be ideal to be there live, this way you can ask questions and enjoy the high vibes with the group) But don't stress all sessions will be recorded and uploaded to our private Facebook Group.

What happens after I buy the ticket?

After you buy your ticket you will receive an email within 24-48hours with the link to our private Facebook group and all the details you need to know going forward. If you don't have Facebook, don't stress everything that gets posted on Facebook will also be emailed out so you won't miss out on a single thing!

If you haven't received your email in 48hrs please feel free to contact

BONUS - All SYSOF members get lifetime access to the SYSOF Facebook group where I share weekly Human Design tips to help align you even more with your Human Design.

Are you ready to Set Your Soul on Fire