Why should I take Supplements?

Supplements are a quick and easy way to boost our health. Supplements contain particular vitamins, minerals and herbs that the body needs to heal and repair. Supplements can be used to directly help our immune system, digestive system, aches and pain, energy levels, mental balance, concentration and also assist in detoxing the body. If you are ever considering a detox please consult with a registered health professional or your GP first.

Supplements are useful when someone has particular allergies to direct foods or follow particular diets that may cause them to lack in certain proteins, vitamins and minerals.


Below is a list of supplements that I recommend to clients regularly in the clinic for many different reasons
You should always seek professional advice from a qualified Nutritionist, Dietician, Kinesiologist, Pharmacist or General Practitioner when it comes to taking supplements.



Types of Supplements

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B Complex is a supplement where all the Vitamin B groups are combined. There are many different types of Vitamin B which are B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12. I want you to think of these guys as the brady bunch, they are one big happy family and they all work at their best when taken together. Hence why I always recommend a Vitamin B Complex.

Low level Vitamin B Levels can lead to the following symptoms.

- feeling tired or fatigued

- feelings of anxiety or depression

- high stress or unexplained nervousness

- issues with sleep such as insomnia

- issues with appearance such as dark circles under the eyes

- dry, scaly or blotchy skin known as acne or eczema

- loss of hair or hair strength and colour

- sudden dizziness or nausea

- loss of appetite, anaemia of issues with cholesterol and blood sugar

- irregular bowel movements such as constipation

If you are experiencing any of these symptom’s book in with your local health professional to check your levels.

Salmon Oil Plus

No doubt you have heard of fish oil supplements? Well let’s take it up a level and let me introduce you to Salmon Oil Plus. This is a supplement the contains the Omega 3 and fatty acids which I often find many of my clients are lacking in.

The importance of Omega 3 and fatty acids is to boost good heart health, ease joint pain and inflammation, increase flexibility, activate the immune system and assist moods.

Low Omega 3 and fatty acid levels can lead to the following symptom’s

- issue with memory and brain health such as ADD / ADHD

- aching or stiffness in the joints causes inflammation and discomfort

- suffering from headaches / migraines / strain in the eye sight

- respiratory system issues such as breathing difficulties or asthma

- skin issues such as psoriasis

- symptoms of depression

- high blood fats or high cholesterol

- joint issues such as arthritis, rheumatism or neck stiffness and pain

If you are experiencing any of these symptom’s book in with your local health professional to check your levels.

Calcium / Magnesium / Vitamin D

There is a reason these 3 awesome supplements are grouped together.

Calcium is a supplement that assist in muscle growth and activity such as contracting, it also helps regulate our breathing and heartbeat. Calcium also helps with bone and teeth strength and helps transmit messages through impulses in our body.

Magnesium is a supplement that benefits us in muscle repair, enzyme activity and heart beat regulation. It is also important for blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

Vitamin D is what our body needs to be able to absorb calcium and minerals into the bone.

Low Cal / Mag / Vit D Levels can lead to the following symptoms.

- high blood pressure or heart palpitations

- issues orally such as toothache or on-going ulcers

- aches and pains in the body

- muscle spasms, crampy and jumpy legs

- issues with sleep such as insomnia

- issues with mood change such as depression, easily irritated or nervy

- symptom’s just as migraines or epilepsy

- brittle, broken bones or osteoporosis

- joint issues or arthritis

- issues with menstrual cramps of PMS symptom’s

If you are experiencing any of these symptom’s book in with your local health professional to check your levels.

Tre-en-en Concentrates

Tre-en-en Concentrates is a supplement that is high in lipids and sterols.

Lipids are Sterols are nutrients we get from plants and grains. These lipids and sterols assist with healthy cellular function and include omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 minerals. This supplement helps with reducing cholesterol levels as it works on repairing the cell wall.

Low levels of lipids and sterols can lead to the following symptoms.

- feeling low in energy and waking feeling tired

- often catching infections or are prone to allergies

- menopause, menstrual or PMS issues

- hormonal imbalance

- unexplained mood swings

- lacks energy throughout the day

- suffers from chronic fatigue

- has slow recovery from sports or working out

If you are experiencing any of these symptom’s book in with your local health professional to check your levels.


Enzymes play an important part in our digestion process breaking down our foods so that we are able to receive the nutrients from what we are eating.
There are different types of enzymes that help with the breakdown of amino acids, bile salts, fat digestion and carbohydrates.

Insufficient Enzymes can lead to the following symptoms.

- indigestion, heart burn or gastric reflux

- issues with flatulence, belching or burping

- experiencing bloating

- suffering with wind, passing unpleasant wind

- had some allergies to milk or certain foods

- has to avoid particular foods

- feels sleepy after meals

- feels sluggish and irritable after certain meals

If you are experiencing any of these symptom’s book in with your local health professional to check your levels.

Female Herbal Complex

Female Herbal Complex comes up more often than not in my clinic when women come to me with severe PMS, menopause or hormonal imbalances. It is important to note that a supplement based on hormones can affect forms of contraception, pregnancy and breast feeding so please be honest with your practitioner and consult with a professional first.

The aim of this supplement is to balance out the female’s hormones as well as regulating your cycle and mood.

You may need this supplement if you are suffering from the following symptoms.

- lacking stamina and endurance

- your cycle is irregular or your flow is heavy

- suffering from menstrual cramps and abdominal bloating

- unexplained mood swings and suffer from PMS

- excessive sweating

- you want better tone in your uterine

- suffer from mild anxiety and / or depression

- find it difficult to stay calm and relaxed

If you are experiencing any of these symptom’s book in with your local health professional to check your levels.


I call this the magic supplement, clients say it works like magic when it comes to taking away their symptom’s. This is an important supplement to take to detox the body of heavy metals, chemicals, fumes and gases. I find this comes up for clients when their liver is overloaded with holding toxins and needs a good clean out.

Many of my clients who take this supplement are concreters, mechanics, laundromat employees or work with some form of chemicals and gases.

This supplement is a high antioxidant which supports the body’s natural ability to counteract harsh chemicals within the body that we have ingested, inhaled or absorbed.

This supplement is good for you if you have harsh environmental exposure to the following.

- fumes, gases, smoke or pollution

- addictive, colourings or preservatives

- sprays, pesticides, aerosols

- food and / or chemical poisoning

- occupational poisoning

You may need this supplement if you are suffering from the following symptoms.

- suffer from chronic chest problems

- have fallen sick after a detox

- issues with hay fever or allergies

- have noticed or have brown aging spots

- blood sugar problems

- feelings nausea similar to morning sickness

- experiencing aches, pains and stiffness in the joints

If you are experiencing any of these symptom’s book in with your local health professional to check your levels.

What is the best brand of supplements?

The truth with supplements is it's down to personal preference and making the best choice based on the information you know. For me personally, I love using what are called whole food supplements. What this means is that the vitamin, mineral or herb has been sourced from the food source itself and is prepared in a particular way to keep its nutritional value.

The alternative to this is synthetic supplements. The difference here is that the vitamin, mineral or herb is produced by replicating the structure of the cell synthetically in a lab and forming a supplement with these replications.
I personally have better results with wholefood supplements as my body recognizes and absorbs it as a food giving me greater nutritional value out of my supplements. I have tried synthetic supplements and I find for me personally they either do nothing or I have to take twice as much as the whole food supplement. In saying that an extra supplement synthetic or wholefood is better than nothing.


The best place to purchase good quality supplements is at your local health food shop, the staff are always well educated and can point you in the right direction of a great supplements brand.

My personal favourites are Metagenics, Herbs of Gold, Bioceuticals and my personal top brand Neolife (previously known as GNLD) Neolife can only be brought from a supplier or can be purchased online through a club member sign up ( which is free and you receive discounts ) Neolife is the only company I know that stocks all the above-listed supplements. 

The reason I choose Neolife is that they are an Australian based company that provide pure wholefood supplements, meaning the body receives maximum nutrient absorption. They have also created their supplements based on the categories of health or symptoms. For example, supplements for digestive health, energy and fitness, men and women's health, children's supplements, bone and joint health, immunity, sharper mind and weight loss, this makes it much easier to know what I'm looking for. A big thumbs up for me is that they also do not test on animals and are pro protecting animals from any pain and suffering.


I work with some fantastic professionals who are experts in the health industry that I refer clients to on a regular basis. If you wish to look into your nutritional health further, I highly recommend Claire Wakefield from the Natural Body Lab 
She is a wealth of knowledge and qualifies in a Bachelor of Health Science and Naturopathy. 

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