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Ahhh 2020, you really did have me missing being in the clinic this year. I will never take for granted how beautiful it is to be able to work face to face with all you wonderful souls!

I always intended to do a price rise in 2021, but I also wanted to make sure that you didn't miss out on the opportunity of purchasing your sessions at 2020 prices.

So here I am showing up for you, doing what I do best, giving you some kick-arse opportunities!


The answers you seek!

What services can I pre-purchase?

All of them! This means you can pre-purchase a Kinesiology session, Human Design and Conditioning reading and Lymphatic Drainage Release workshop. You can also use this offer to purchase a voucher on behalf of someone else and the session price will be honored for when they book in 2021.

How many spots are available for pre-purchase?

The amount of pre-purchase sessions at 2020 prices that are available to snap up are 20. This is the total number of all services combined, not per service.

How many sessions can I pre-purchase?

As many as you want my love, its first in best dressed so snap them up like they are hot potatoes.

What were the sessions prices for 2020 compared to 2021?


2020 price $110.00 2021 price $125.00

2020 price $165.00 2021 price $185.00
Savings $20.00 per session LYMPHATIC RELEASE WORKSHOP - group or singular bookings
2020 price $160.00 2021 price $185.00
Savings $25.00 per session

Can I do my sessions online and in clinic?

Why yes, yes you can! All services are available online. I see clients from many different countries all over the world. Online sessions are just as amazingly fun and effective as in clinic appointments. The only service available in clinic is Kinesiology.

I already have session booked in for 2020, Can I still prepurchase for 2021?

Ofcourse you can my love, the more the merrier. However, I will say that If your thinking of cancelling your appointment for 2020 and pre-purchasing one for 2021 please make sure you get in quick. If you miss out on pre purchasing a service and you have also cancelled your appoitment in 2020 I can't guarantee you'll get that appointment spot back. Currently I have a waitlist of clinets hoping to still get in this year and when a session is cancelled they get notified immedately.

Do I have to pay upfront for a pre-purchased session?

Yes you do. Once you requested to pre-purchase a session you will be sent an invoice. Please understand that this invoice doesn't confirm your purchased session. The invoice has to be paid to lock in your pre-purchase. Again, this is a first in best dressed scenario.

Can I purchase these deal as a voucher for someone else?

You beautiful human you!! Yes you can, Im all for giving gifts. The price of the service you have pre-purchased will be honored in 2021.

I'm ready to treat myself, whats next?

YAY! Fill in the contact form below, press bargain, and await your invoice to hit your inbox. Please make sure to check your junkmail as sometime our invoices get lost in the black hole of advertising. Please understand then your invocie has to be paid to confirm your 2020 prices sessions!

How long are the pre-purchased sessions valid for?

Until Dec 31st 2021.

Pre-purchase Registration

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.