Kinesiology is a specialised holistic health modality that works directly with the subconscious mind and physical body to balance our physical, emotional, nutritional and spiritual imbalances. The wisdom within Kinesiology originates from eastern and vibrational medicine techniques.

When we combine these practices with the understanding of today's western medicine, Kinesiology is able to balance the mind and body to work beautifully in sync with one another. This is done by focusing on healing the symptoms of emotional stress and physical issues. Kinesiologists do not diagnosis, we concentrate and base our work around reducing the symptoms that are causing your pain, discomfort and stress.
Using a biofeedback system called muscle testing, we are able to pinpoint which blockages are causing issues in the body, based on your symptoms. It is then our job to communicate with you what your body needs and guide you to a state of healing. It's important to know that Kinesiology works with the method that everyone's health needs are different. Focusing on healing for the specific individual is the best way to work with the human body to achieve a holistically balanced state of life.

If you have more questions about kinesiology you can take advantage of our free 30 minute consultation where we go over how kinesiology works and how it can help you.

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Human Design and Conditioning Reading

Human Design is a science-driven education system based on the universal neutrino system that lays within our bodies chakra and energy system. Human Design shows us the road map to our individual self so we can live an effortless flowing life. When we are aligned with our personal design we are able to make our greatest impact by effortlessly sharing our true gift for the collective good of the world and ourselves. Our Human Design reveals to us who we truly are, our best natural characteristics and our most powerful energetic traits, showing us how we can best embrace them.


"When we enter the path of knowing ourselves, we enter the world of loving ourself."

- Ra Uru Hu


Within our Human Design, we have what is called open centres, it's within these open centres that we become influenced and conditioned by the world around us. Using my skills as a Kinesiologist, We are able to accurately pinpoint and work with the conditioning and stagnant energy that is stuck inside your open centres, working through the layers to decondition any self-sabotaging patterns or traits that are stopping you from living in full flow. 


Human Design and Kinesiology go hand in hand when it comes shifting and transforming into your true self, giving you clarity in who you are, what you are here to do, how you are meant to do it and what conditioning is holding you back from reaching your full potential. 

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