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Our Lymphatic System is the sewerage system of the Human Body. That's right, you heard me. It literally helps filter out all the crap you don't need not only physically but also emotionally.

When our Lymphatic System becomes sluggish we can experience

  • Pain in the chest, shoulders, neck, back and legs

  • Headaches / Migraines / Head fog

  • Aches and tension in muscles

  • Unwanted fatigue and frequent exhaustion

  • Fluid retention in the legs, feet and ankles including restless legs

  • Skin Issues such as eczema, acne and rashes

  • Poor Immune system

...Well you get point its an all-around shit show ( pun intended, get it? Cause the Lymphatic system filters crap? - HA! )

I have answered all the questions you need to know below.


What will I learn in the Online Lymphatic Release Workshop course?

  • 4 different acupressure points to 10 different shoulders, neck and chest muscles that relieve pain, tightness and tension which assist in boosting the flow of the Lymphatic system

  • The metaphysical and emotional meaning behind the Lymphatic system ( Chinese Medicine Practises)

  • Lymphatic Drainage Release of the neck

  • Lymphatic Drainage Release of sinus

  • Lymphatic Drainage Release of the middle ears

  • Lymphatic Drainage Release of the lower limbs/legs/feet/ankles

  • Discounts on some awesome products to help with your emotional wellbeing

When is the workshop and how much will it cost me?

This workshop is now a downloadable recording so you can watch it at any time once you purchase it! How great is that?! You can purchase it via my booking site here

Cost is $111.00

Do I need to bring anything to the workshop?

The only thing needed is a good wifi connection and a laptop or iPad to download the recording on to.
I'm also available for any questions via email at info@connectingbalance.com


What happens after I buy the ticket?

After you buy your ticket you will receive an email confirming your ticket purchase and providing you with the link to download the recording as well as the workbook.

If you haven't received your email within 48hrs of purchase please feel free to contact info@connectingbalance.com

Are you ready clean out all that unwanted waste? ( gross right)