Lymphatic release flow workshop

- Stephanie L,
Kinesiology Client

"I went into the lymphatic workshop with a horrid headache and came out pain free!"


When the tension builds up in your body it's telling you that it's time to let go of the waste.

Our Lymphatic system's job is to be the sewerage system of our body that adheres to the importance of keeping our magnificent machine clean. Without this maintenance and regular cleaning, a build-up of unwanted waste products circulates through your system and unknowingly affects your day-to-day living.


Interconnectedness in the body is no coincidence.

The science of our vibrational and emotional experiences manifests itself in our most valued physical form. This is why bodywork alone isn’t enough to shift the lymphatic system and create long-lasting change. We must look at the techniques as well as the emotions that are being stored in our muscles and organs to stop the pattern of build-up and blockages from reoccurring.

This lymphatic release workshop is much more than following a YouTube video tutorial and doing a few strokes down your neck. This workshop is the pathway that shows you how to thoroughly and effectively clean out the body’s surplus of waste, whilst gifting you the let go of physical tension in your neck, shoulders and chest, as well as releasing any accumulated emotional stress that you have hidden away in your muscles.


This is where I take you deeper.


Deep into the drop of your shoulders and looseness of your neck. Deeper into the breath that you draw into your lungs that has arrived with the intention to nourish and oxygenate your body. All of this is possible when we interact with the specific points that our tense body desires us to notice.

The body is a complex combination of physical and emotional programming and when the emotions are released with the correct physical adjustments that have been done your body can come back to an easeful state of living.


This is the part where you choose to ritualise the experience that you have with your body.


Together, in a live setting, we will nurture our body with educated and empowered kinesiology techniques whilst unlocking stored emotions to disrupt the pattern that your body has been cycling through. As I do these techniques with you we will decrease our pain, our discomfort and sluggishness whilst also boosting our immune system.


How do you know that this is for you?

- other than the fact that I trust you know your body's cues

Signs of a sluggish lymphatic system

People with poor lymph flow drainage don’t always show the typical symptoms of puffiness. Poor lymph flow also manifests as headaches, migraines, sore muscles, poor flexibility and low energy levels. On a metaphysical level I would ask you - how good are you at letting things go? And do you tend to store a lot of crap? I
t is through these conversational symptoms that your mind and body tell you that you are due for lymphatic flow release.

What causes poor lymphatic drainage?

On a physical level poor lymphatic drainage is caused by stuck muscles and structures at the root of the neck. When your body doesn’t have long-lasting results in lymphatic drainage it can be because there is a long-standing problem in your shoulder, neck and chest muscles. Tightness in these muscles creates pressure on your lymphatic system and causes a hidden waste blockage in your body's ecology. This is why in this workshop we focus on releasing the tight muscles before we do any manual lymphatic drainage techniques. These muscle releases are the secret sauce to great lymphatic flow.

What will you learn?

You will learn effective, easy kinesiology techniques that grant the pathway of interdependence in the body. This means that as a result of these techniques your body will function in a way where your systems, organs and muscles effectively do their jobs independently but are also willing to assist other parts of the body to create a harmonising physical environment for you to thrive in.


You will learn how to

  • Loosen your neck shoulder and chest muscles

  • Neck lymphatic release

  • Middle ear drainage

  • Sinus drainage techniques

  • Leg lymphatics

  • The emotional and metaphysical meaning of the lymphatic system

  • Emotional stress release techniques 


This will be a personal experience, sinking you deeper into the shift that your body requires. This results in a self-regulated system that is focused on getting the stagnant parts moving again.

- Melissa F,
Kinesiology Client

"Literally life changing - so simple yet so effective."


Now is the time that I present you and your body ( because she’s involved too ) the warmest of invitations. 


Here is where you take an intentional step towards how you choose to support your body through the understanding of holistic health. To claim your ever-green knowledge of deep lymphatic release techniques through the art of Kinesiology. I'm already celebrating you by the fact that you're here because this means that you’re already a person that desires the best for yourself. I couldn’t think of anyone better to share and experience this knowledge with.  You are the type of brilliant human that I adore walking with within the world of Kinesiology. 


My love, this is yours for the taking.

Have trust that your body will tell you if she needs this. I trust her!


$77.00 AUD

Tuesday, August 30th AEST

Midday -  2:30 pm AEST

Meeting space - Zoom

All ticket purchasers will be emailed a recording of the workshop