Align with your design

Humanity for hundreds of years has relied on external influences to satisfy the mind. Human Design is the system that shows you who you are on the inside. You don't find your authentic self by looking outwards for answers. Your system is already within you waiting to be acknowledged.

Align with your design 

A 16 week Human Design traning and alignment program. In 16 weeks you will learn the Human Design System. An ancient aquarian system based on western astrology, the 9 Hindu chakra system and the Chinese physiology I'Ching chart that focuses on how you can align with your true inner personal design and purpose. 


What areas of my life can I apply Human Design to?

Human Design can be applied to any purpose-driven area of your life. Self-honour is the focus when aligning with your personal design. You can apply your inner world discoveries to your career, relationships, parenting and personal growth.


Whats invovled?

  • 16 weeks of Human Design teachings

  • 8 Personal group alignment sessions where we focusing on aligning you with your internal world

  • Private Facebook group support

  • Support in your career, relationships, parenting and self-discovery

  • Two private one on one sessions with Kathy

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If a 16 week program isn't for you but your still interested in Human Design then book in a 1hr Human Design and Conditioning reading