How I work
How I work

As a Passionate and down to earth Kinesiologist I work with the concept that the body is an open vessel where everything is interconnected. I love combining facts and intuition, working with the innate healing powers of the human body's anatomy and physiology while also work with your energy field achieving life-changing results.


Kinesiology looks at all aspects of the body, the physical, nutritional, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects to find where the dots are no longer connecting.

This is why I passionately created Connecting Balance. It’s all about connecting the dots to achieve the body’s best-balanced state.


It is from my experience as a practitioner that Physical and Nutritional health is paramount, but we often miss another vital step in our body’s healing progression and that’s emotions.


It’s significant to look at our emotions and how they directly disturb the physical body. When your emotions aren’t in check and you are running on a negative pattern imprint our dots begin to disconnect, this is turn exhausts our nutritional and physical health. Trauma, shock, anxiety and mental health create a disturbance in our system, these issues then find a comfortable home within our body where the harm begins to take place. It’s my job as a Kinesiologist to support you and guide you into removing these unwanted disturbances.


My personal culture as a Kinesiologist is to always work within the client’s best interest. As life changes so do our needs, meaning that each session is adapted to what you need, in your life at this time. I always commit to working from a place of care and kindness, but I also believe in getting straight to the point, the good old 'no bullshit' rule. Caring, efficient, long-term results are my goal for all clients.