Frequently asked questions

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a practice that communicates with your nervous system through muscle testing. Everything that happens in our body emotionally, physically, mentally and nutritionally is direcly connected to our overall health and how we feel.

Our nervous system is the communicator in our body and muscle testing allows your Kinesiologist to pin point the cause of your symptons by receiving messages directly from the nervous system and the subconcious brain.

Kinesiologist do not diagnosis or label your illness, we focus on the solution and finding what is causing your discomfort, pain or emotional imbalances.
Kinesiology is a gentle non invasive modaility that works with the body as a whole to acheive a state of balance by combinding a mix of scientific and energetic medicine.

What can I expect in a Kinesiology session?

You will firstly be required to fill out a detailed client history form that asks questions about your overall health. This includes nutrition, diet, stress levels, aches and pains, how you sleep, surgeries, traumas and any medications you may be taking.

After assessing your clilent history form and your symptons we will discuss what is required and the begin your Kinesiology session.

We will go through a series of muscle tests to see where your body is holding the most stress and work with the priority issue to correct your symptons.

You are required to wear comfortable, appropriate clothing during your session as muscle movement and testing will be in progress.

How long does a Kinesiology session go for?

A full Kinesiology sessions goes for 1hr.

We suggest you arrive 5-10 minutes before your appointment to fill out your client history form.

How many sessions will I need?

The amount of sessions varies for each client.

This depends on what we have to do with your body nutritionally, physcally & emotionally. Often this is the first point of call when we are dealing with stress or pain.

On an average usually 3-5 sessions is expected to reduce or rid symptons. If however you are refferred to another pracitioner eg: Naturopath, Chiropracter etc, then more sessions may be required.

This can be assessed at the end of each session.

Is Kinesiology covered by Private Health Insurance?

As of April 2019 unfortunately not. Kinesiology has be taken off Private Health benefits.

Can I bring someone with me to my session?

Absoloutly, if you feel you need the support through your session you are very welcome to bring someone.

However, I do ask that the person that you bring doesn't interfere when we begin your session as it is vital that all communication and practice remains between the client directly and the pracitioner.

Can I bring my children to my session?

Yes, you can bring your children.

However, it is best if you can ask a friend or a family member to watch them for a couple of hours so that you can gain the most from your session without distraction or concern.

If you do need to bring your children please bring along some snacks and toys to keep them entertained as the centres have limited toys availble.

Do you work with other practitioners?

Yes, yes and yes! Im a big believer in working with other practitioners whose goal is to get their clients to optimal health.

It is important that we recognise as Practitioners that all modalties bring something great to the health industry to ensure accurate and quicker recoveries for our clients.

I have a great networking team of practitioners in which I can say with full confidence will have your best interests at heart.

Together we have produced fantastic results for many clients.

Do you have payment options?

Unfortunately, no.

However a $30.00 deposit is taken upon making the booking and the remaining session is due on the day of your session.

This helps to split up the payment.

Children up to age 16, Students and Pensioners receive a 15% discount.

I often run specials and promotions which can be claimed on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/connectingbalance

Do you see children as clients?

Yes! I love working with all ages.

Sessions are shorter and run for usually 30-45 minutes.
A 15% discount is applied for all children until the age of 16.

Do you have a working with childrens check?


Do you offer a consultation before I commit to a session?

Yes. I offer a free 30 minute consultation.

During this consultation you are still required to fill out a client history form.

The consultation give us an opportunity to discuss your concerns, answer any questions and give you a breif demonstration on how Kinesiology works.

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How do online sessions work?

Online sessions work through muscle surrogacy. This means I'm muscle testing on your behalf while working with your energy field. I receive the same insight, information and priority issues to work with as if we were working face to face. I'm able to tap into emotions, conscious and subconscious patterning as well as provide you with the best strategy and corrections that you need in that moment to heal from past or present emotional blockages.

Physically I can work with you by showing you how to do practical techniques on yourself such as Lymphatic drainage techniques, Acupressure points to correct muscles, Meridian stimulation and Emotional Stress Release Techniques.

After doing many successful online sessions some clients prefer online sessions as they are just as effetive and you get to be in the comfornt of your home while you slip into a zenned state of mind.

Online sessions can be done by Zoom, email or phone.