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Self Care and Energiser Workshop

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Learn how to Muscle Test

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This workshop includes but isn’t limited to
- Learning how to accurately muscle test muscle reflex responses
- Learn what muscles you can test and do so confidently
- Learn how to accurately muscle test others
- Discover what nutritional needs your body is testing up for through muscle testing reflexes
- Learn the body’s sensitivity and intolerance acupressure points and how to test against them
- Learn how to test your body’s response to food additives and fillers
- Learn how to test up subconscious emotional blockages and discover how to shift them
- Learn how to successfully switch the body on in times of stress or disorganisation

All of this and MUCH MORE!


Lymphatic Release Energy Flow Techniques

Online Workshop - book by appointment for 1:1 or group sessions.

This workshop has been structured so that it can be easily learnt by anyone. This gives you the opportunity to easily learn how to reduce congestion, swelling, excess fluid, aches and pains, ear, sinus and tonsil flare-ups in your body by looking after your immune system through lymphatic flow techniques.

The lymphatic system is a major contributor to our immune system and if you learn how to keep on top of your lymphatics through drainage techniques you have a better chance of avoiding and fighting overall infection whilst decreasing your chances of needing antibiotics.

Techniques include

- Understanding the Lymphatic system metaphysically and emotionally
- Learning Acupressure points to correct the muscles, shift emotional blockages around the lymphatic ducts to help promote drainage
- Lymphatic Release Flow technique in the Neck
- Lymphatic Release Flow technique of the Sinus’s
- Lymphatic Release Flow technique of the ears
- Lymphatic Release Flow technique to help with the swelling of the legs, ankles and feet.

- Boost your immune system
- Gets rid of unwanted toxins and waste
- Drains excess water from the body - Reduce the risk of Tonsillitis, adenoid issues, ear and sinus infections.
- Reduce the chances of needing antibiotics
- Reduce and manage swelling in the legs, ankles and feet

More information can be found under our booking information.

Cost: $160.00
When: AEST
Where: Online via Zoom / In clinic 
Duration: 2hrs
Private or group bookings