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What would be different in your life today if your unique energy was honoured, without having the input, expectations and conditioning of those around you? 

You would have no unnecessary resistance. Comparing ourselves to others wouldn’t exist. You would always feels good enough, capable enough and love yourself in your natural state of being.

Each soul is different, each child is different. It’s natural for us to parent our children based on our own energetic needs, certainties and uncertainties.
However, this can pull our children away from their truest authentic form, creating friction in our world and theirs.

Parenting with Human Design shows you your child’s unique energetic dynamics and teaches you how you can best honour their natural rhythms.

It is possible to honour ourselves, our children and live in an environment of harmony. 

I have kept this really affordable. Our children are the future of this world and honouring and encouraging them to be their truest authentic self is a priority that I want to help everyone grow 

The change I have experienced in my own child and my relationship with him since parenting him based on his own human design has been life changing for us both.

I finally feel like I’ve done something right to honour the generations that come after me. 

I’m so excited to bring this opportunity to life, I would love for you to join me