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Become a Kinesiologist

October intake now open


Calling all graduated Kinesiologists

What does it look like to fully choose the fusion of kinesiology and business?

Let me show you


This rolling mastermind is for those that want to refine their techniques, focus on their mastery of craft and elevate business.


Kinesiologists leading Kinesiologists - because nobody knows our craft like we do

This space is not just to get better at your craft (although that WILL happen), this is a space to step into the role of the nourished and intelligent business woman so that you can serve from a place where your gifts are always valued with reciprocity.

It’s not enough to just be practising or qualified - if you want a successful business, you need to lean into all that it is to be a business woman as well as a Kinesiologist.



I remember as newly graduated Kinesiologist that holding myself through the transformation to becoming a Kinesiologist and then stepping into the role of practitioner and business person felt lonely.

There was the feeling of being connected to the work but disconnected as a practitioner.


As Dr Dewe says 'The real learning comes when you are in clinic, shaking at the knee’s wondering if you're doing a good job.'


Often the questions you have don’t come up until you're in it.

Does this sound familiar

Imagine if when you graduated you had a community to lean into where you are supported to refine your techniques and elevate business.

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Designed for qualified Kinesiologists, this rolling mastermind is the support system for Kinesiologist that desire an abundant purpoesful business by walking the bridge between Kinesiologist and self lead business women.


Inside you will discover four mail pillars that hold up the mountain of mastery.


Technique, practicality, leadership and craft.

These four pillars will help you discover

  • Refinement of your techniques so that you know that you can confidently handle anything that comes up with your clients.

  • How to build a practical business and develop a desired relationship with the business women

  • How to squeeze the nectar out of your clients sessions both online and in clinic

  • Step into a purposeful sense of leadership

  • Express your craft with conviction

You will also see a behind the curtain look into my business and how I incorporate all 4 of these pillars as a business women and a kinesiologist.



Digital Energetics

The expansion, functionality and growth of a digital business.


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The Specifics

Included in Mastery is

  • 90 minute live mastermind sessions once a month

  • Guest speakers who have mastered these 4 pillars in the form of creativity, branding, energetics, word enchantment and the archetype of business women and leader.

  • Access to your conscious voxer community. A place to lean on another, debrief and reflect on what is going on for you in business

  • Hot seat mentoring - bring your challenges to the mastermind table

  • Bonus audios and video drop ins to sink your teeth into between our monthly calls. There is one already waiting there for you my dear.

  • Opportunity for you to have my eyes over your business

  • Q&A section to voice where in your business or practise that you are feeling vulnerable

We begin Mastery { DATE } from here you will receive the mastermind call schedule for the next 6 months. Make sure that when join you have your diary out to block out the times.


Why Mastery?

Mastery is the first of its kind. An ongoing support system for graduated Kinesiologists where someone is always walking by our side.

Nobody knows our craft like we do and Kinesiologists leading kinesiologists is the way of our future.

Mastery isn't a place where we get together to have loose chats about how much we love what we do. This is the place where we get to deepen into our practise, be truth about business, and keep learn how we can educate others about our craft by keeping what we do grounded and simple. This is a take the fluff out of it and embrace every part about being a Kinesiologist type of mastermind.


We will keep rolling with the advances of kinesiology and elevate ourselves as business women so that we all serve and receive abundantly.

This isn't your typical kind of mastermind. Its one specifically built for you.



By the end of our time together ( this is at your choosing ) your results will be the transformation of a self lead business women and kinesiologist. You will know exactly how to communicate your craft, mastered online energetics, embrace the business world, deepened into your practise and moved forward as a leader in your industry. You will know how to action desired results and have built deep connections with kings and queens that share the same vision as you.


Who is this for?

Mastery is for the Kinesiologist that wants to run a self lead business and deepen into their practice of Kinesiology. This is perfect for you if you are wanting to refine your skill, master your craft and elevate your business.

The energy that matches this portal is for those that want to build their relationship with dedication. They are ready to discover what their brand feels likes and communicate to the world their genius in this craft.

This is where self responsibility meets desire.

Dedication meets energetics and vision meets conviction.

Mastery is for those that are here to be with the art of kinesiology and believe that we are doing has the ability to change the world. 


Who am I?

Meet me, Kathleen Pettigrove. 

You can call me Kathy, for some reason when I got married I felt extra mature and started to use my full name Kathleen more. It felt right.

Which is exactly why Mastery was created. It felt so right.

Im a qualified Kinesiologist, teacher and mentor. I have completed over 5 years of Kinesiology study plus my certification in faculty training. When I upgraded my service to teaching others the Kinesiology certificate my mind flashed back to how I felt post graduation.

My qualifications to lead you through mastery comes from both years of business, study, certification and personal experiences.

I have walked where you walk and I want to offer you somebody to walk with.



The Investment

Mastery is a subscription based membership where you will be direct debited monthly.


  • Cost : $100.00 aud per month

  • Bonus: If you sign up by {DATE} you will receive mastery for $55.00 monthly for the life of your membership

  • A minimum 4 month commitment is required when entering into Mastery to allow you to fully receive the full experience

  • An active membership gives you access to all resources, recordings, live masterminds, the community and guest speaker experiences.



​Lets make sure that Mastery is perfect for you!

  • What if I want to cancel my membership to Mastery?

You can cancel at anytime after your first 4 month commitment is completed. This way we both know that you have given yourself the time that you need to fully experience mastery. To cancel simply send an email and with one months notice of cancellation. 

  • What happens when my membership cancels?

You will loose access to the Mastery library and conscious community chat. Please note that nothing is downloadable from Mastery, everything has to be accessed within the portal.

  • What if nothing has changed after my first 4 months of Mastery?

Firstly, I want you to know that I trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. If you get to the end of the 4 months and haven't implemented anything or had any movement from Mastery then the time may not be right for you. A self check in on how you have chosen to meet Mastery is a great way to help you reflect on your personal movement in business. Showing up for the calls is magic, but the real work happens outside of mastermind where self leadership takes the floor. 

  • Will there be opportunity to work privately with you in Mastery?

Yes there will, I will be offering 1:1 mentoring where you can have my eyes on your business. We will do this together in a private setting outside of mastery. There will be also be other opportunities where you can choose to break off into a smaller group to elevate your genius, skill and business even more.

  • Can any type of Kinesiology qualification join?

Absolutely! All qualifications of Kinesiology are welcome here. We are building a legacy together and honouring the beauty of celebrating our diversity within our unity.



So my darling, are you ready to fully choose the fusion of kinesiology and business?

Are you ready to step into your true form of leadership, as a kinesiologist and as an advocate for the science of energetic medicine with other powerful kinesiologists.

Are you ready to have me walk with you? Hand in hand as we journey into your mastery.

There is no better time than now to have the world meet Kinesiology at the front gates.


If you have any other questions you can email Kathy at


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