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The rolling mastermind

What does it look like to fully choose the fusion of kinesiology and business?

Let me show you


This rolling mastermind is for those graduated Kinesiology that want too refine their techniques, focus on the mastery of craft and elevate business.


Kinesiologists leading Kinesiologists - because nobody knows our craft like we do

This space is not just to get better at your craft (although that WILL happen), this is a space to step into the role of the nourished and intelligent businesswoman so that you can serve from a place where your gifts are always valued with reciprocity.

It’s not enough to just be practising or qualified - if you want a successful business, you need to lean into all that it is to be a businesswoman as well as a Kinesiologist.



The Pillars

The Pillars are the legs of this rolling mastermind. It is the framework for how you will refine your techniques, master your craft and elevate your business.

Pillar 1

Digital Energetics


The expansion, functionality and growth of a digital business.


Online sessions in Kinesiology have often felt taboo, like you are diving into uncharted waters. You never really know what you're going to get, and this is why having a clear and tangible digital energetic strategy is an important part of mastering Kinesiology online.

Here you will deepen into your own practice with the purpose of refining and developing your energetic and professional skills. This will make balancing your online community seamless.


We will cover how to lead your client into an incredible session, break down the interpretation of the body through the electromagnetic field, explore the potency of clear explanations and strengthen the trust bond with self-muscle testing and holding space. When it comes to private sessions or group formats we will laser in on energetic communication and make sure that your virtual sessions run smoothly from start to finish, whilst maintaining your life energy through clear boundaries and practises.


If you are already practising kinesiology in a virtual setting you can arrive here to refine your dynamics, deepen your skillset and develop different ways to practise virtual kinesiology whilst enhancing the potency of the work.

Pillar 2

Translation of craft


Clarity, conviction and connection.


Kinesiology requires an explanation that brings clarity. The words that you choose become your community's welcome matt into your world. Our practice is beautifully vast and the focus here is to nail the translation of craft and send your community words that are clear with conviction so that Kinesiology feels easy for them to prioritise when it comes to their health and healing. 


Here we will work on what you can do to expand your client's understanding of what they are receiving so that they can connect with their body even deeper and experience course-altering shifts. We will talk about the activation of words and their relationship to curiosity, magnetism, true resonance and connection.


This pillar will take you on the discovery of marrying your own personal genius with your skillset and then nailing how to express what Kinesiology means to you and what it can mean to others. We will form grounded tangible explanations.


After this, your words will hit differently.


What awaits you on the inside?

Audio Lesson

When you first enter into mastery of craft you will immediately be greeted by a personal welcome video, with the thought of the type of women you are in mind.

Rather than make you wait until our first live chit-chat I have already dropping in an audio lesson about The art of giving value.

Why PKP Kinesiology?


Grounded in the study of anatomy and physiology, PKP Kinesiology provides an ethical foundation and professional standard to this holistic approach of connecting humans with their most embodied state of balance. 


It’s the basis of building your experience as a kinesiologist with reverence for both the physical and energetic, with strong ethics behind you and techniques steeped in science. Both registration and insurance are available to you upon completion and you’ll have the confidence to not only discover the type of kinesiologist you want to be, but boldly step into your community and family with a deep respect for it’s magic.


Level 1 Certificate in PKP Kinesiology

(enrolments open several times a year)


A&P1 - Anatomy and Physiology 1

BKP101 - Energisers and Self Care

BKP102 - Proficient Manual Muscle Testing

BKP103 - Introduction to Law of 5-Elements

BKP104 - The Body Superficial Energy Connections

BKP105 - The Law of 5 - Elements in depth

BKP106 - Professional skills, Balancing Protocol with ICPKP database

BKP107 - Pain Reduction

BKP108 - Balancing with Food/History

BKP109 - Advanced muscles techniques

BKP110 - Functioning as a Practitioner

EMS201 - Mastery of emotional stress release

RBT201 - Clinical Body touch and Draping

PKP Diploma of Kinesiology to be released in 2023.

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