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October intake now open


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Let me introduce you to a friend of mine…


A friend that finds it way through me, from the very fibres of you and your family. 


A friend that feels nothing short of… MAGICAL.



The translator for your body that takes your tension and tightness and transmutes it into a tranquil homecoming. Your muscles tell us the story of your pain and soon we’re all speaking the same language.


The guardian of timelines, where there are no mistakes, just the truths of your body. All of you is welcome here.

The storykeeper that sees your intention and steers you back towards equilibrium. Softly guiding you into the state you were always meant to soar from, be it physical or energetic in nature.

- Brittany, Online Kinesiology Client

“Literally every session I feel so held and understood and I always leave with practical things to do to serve myself and my family. Our sessions have had the biggest impact in my understanding and nurturing of my kids.”

The three of us begin with just one simple question..
Where do you want her to take you today?

Once the nerves are at ease and your feet are planted in her trusting hands, we’re safe to explore. 

There’s no map she’ll force you to follow, no manicured path like you’d expect from any other modality.


Instead, she’s a voice for your own. 


For the landscape of your own body that has been begging for a spokesperson. 

And as her subtle suggestions make themselves known, landing within the layers of my own body mastery, you’re finally invited to pause. Reflect. Remember. 

And soon enough, it all starts rushing back. Tears may flow. You’ll exhale with ease and suddenly, it all makes sense. 


You don’t know how you know. But you just know. 


The trust you feel as warmth fills your body is a feeling you just can’t deny.

She’s reminding you that every answer lies within and with that, you remember how powerful you are. 

And still, it’s only just the beginning.


Because she’s a recalibration that keeps on giving as the days and weeks pass by. 


What was once a mountain in your path is now one you confidently pursue with new knowledge and ease, emotionally and physically, feeling the full effects of the quantum transformation that takes you out of limitation and into total expanse.


The ripple effect is her secret gift, but first she’ll nurture you in the now. 


Through curiosity, through strength, through the safety of your surrender. 


There is so much of yourself to be reunited with when you let in her relief.


- Tara, Online Kinesiology Client

“My session with Kathy left me with the deepest sense of relief. Relief at once again holding hands with my own body, whilst also feeling a beautiful familiarity with how to hold my son’s multi-faceted experience of life. I left feeling liberated at how we could each hold hands through the next steps together and support our own nervous systems with such deep respect and ease.”


What awaits you on the inside?

Every kinesiology session is a personalised experience. The seeds of your own sovereign health and it’s cues communicating exactly what will sync you into deeper symmetry and a restored sense of balance. Connecting you with your own body via your own muscle feedback, in a way that can feel both open, yet undeniably specific.


No matter what intention you bring to the table, be it structural, emotional, nutritional or energetic, your timeline and the truth of your embodied experience in that moment will be honoured, as will your childrens’ if you are seeking clarity on their behalf. 


As their caretakers, we get to create powerful opportunities for our children’s growth and their healing. We get to be the surrogate that supports them through layers of development, understanding, tension and distress that they rarely know how to articulate or recognise, and with this comes a sense of relief from deep within.


Whether it’s for you or your loved ones, know that your struggles will be seen with sincere validation, and every silent suggestion from your body will be met with respect. This is your safe space to sit in awe at the holistic nature of your own body’s wisdom.

- Sylvia,
Online and In Clinic Kinesiology Client

I've seen Kathy a few times prior to the COVID 19 restrictions and have also taken my son. Her consults are always enlightening, informative and completely relative and the balances and aftercare advise are truly amazing. Yet what is even more astounding, not only about Kinesiology but Kathy as a practitioner is how incredibly accurate her consultations are even when done online remotely! So absolutely appreciative and amazed and always in awe of how incredible our energy systems are as human beings.

How to book a session


In person sessions take place from my Gembrook clinic.


Online sessions are available via Zoom, phone or email.

Please make sure if you are booking from outside Melbourne, Australia that you are aware of your timezone difference.

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