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Become a Kinesiologist

October intake now open

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This is a 90-minute Masterclass about the importance of your business having a thriving root chakra.


Our discussion points will be based on knowing the meeting space that gives safety and security to your ideas and creations.


This includes

  • How your business’s home directly participates with the field of service, reciprocity and genius.

  • Grounding the non - physical into the physical 
    - procrastination

  • A personal invitation into my business’s home to witness her safety, security and grounding.

  • How to tend to your root chakra through the lens of business

  • Stagnancy in career and creativity
    - connecting to your service

  • Ideas, safety and action

  • Participation and momentum

  • What a thriving root chakra in business feels like / looks like when it comes to your ability to lead, earn and create.

Traveler in Nature
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