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Where business and kinesiology meet.

Business Balancing


Is the sacred space where business meets Kinesiology. 

It's the carefully crafted place where you get to sit down with the entity of your business and open up an intentional communication line. Here, we allow the buzz of your business to enter the environment

of your body, where you enjoy experiencing

living in union with your service.


When we choose business we are choosing to enter into a relationship with another energetic being. At the core of our business, deep connection and open communication create the fertile ground for the seeds of our business and the seeds of ourselves to flourish together.


When you open the communication line between you and the energy of your business, you will be taken on a fully inwards journey. Outside influence doesn't interfere here.

The energetic dialogue that kinesiology will communicate between the two of you will create crystal clear understandings, which then translates into crystal clear expressions.


Kinesiology is the tool that guides you into interlocking and understanding how you work with her. When we hold our business in the vibration of adoration and deep respect we experience two powerful beings merging together, to create a purpose-driven field that is here to serve its soul's work to the world.


To dive deep into the vast energetics of your business is to put yourself on the path of arriving in union with her. When you romance and adore your business it brings you closer to how you are meant to co-exist together. 


I want to invite you to step into the energetic parts that are ready to be romanced as they enter into their next phase of awareness, absorption and implementation.

The Communication Line

To truly hold your business through the nourishment of communication
What is the communication line?
The communication line is the vast energetic space where you and the entity of your business connect to one another. It is the information, inspiration, emotions and ideas that surround you when you are in the role of the business owner. When you're tuned in to it, it's the subtle buzz that you feel just before a drop in. Let me show you how to tap into her.
To hold

The preparation of your communication line with your business is done intentionally and lovingly. There is a softness to her that we are wanting to tap into to help create and uphold the most open communication line possible. We want this space to be held so that we can understand how she is here to dance with you. 


Our first step is to create the environment you both want to be held in. There are elements of communication that can feel confronting and this is why we establish a comfort zone between the three of us first. We do this through the action of ceremony and celebration.


Imagine coming into a meeting where you step into a conference room and have to take a seat on an uncomfortable chair. You can feel a chill in the air, and as you look around nothing catches your eye because everything looks bland and boring. All you want to do is get the meeting over with and go home. How open would you be to communicating and listening in this environment?


Now, imagine walking into a meeting space where you see a lambskin covered chair. Your favourite essential oil is burning, the light is at the perfect dimmed level, a candle is lit and you are offered a hot drink of your choice.


A voice says - 'Please, take a seat on any chair.' You walk over, pick the most comfortable looking seat, take a few deep breaths and feel your body settle into the softness of the lambskin.


It feels familiar and comfortable but still mysterious and exciting. You now feel open to the discussion that's about to unravel.

You are ready to experience all of the beauty, fully available to listen and receive.

To receive

Receptiveness is an important aspect of the communication line. When we are tuned into the energy of receiving and responsiveness our possibilities can be polished into masterpieces.


It is within receptiveness that you begin to understand the dance between you and her. As you sit in front of each other with your ears perked up and energy fields open, we can begin to explore the deep energetics of your business and get ready to receive all of her wisdom.


When you reach the meeting point we will take a moment for you to look your business in the eye and say to her -  


"I am here. I am listening.'


This is where intimacy is felt. You look down and notice that you are standing on the most fertile ground. A ground that beauty and sovereignty can easily penetrate. You are so ready to see what seeds will be planted now that you are here together. 


You are here to listen to her, but you are also here to feel her.

To serve

To serve is to be fully felt by each other.


It's choosing to ask -

'How can I be of service to the entity of my business and therefore, serve my community and myself in the highest possible vibration?'


Once we have activated this question, the conversation can begin to flow through the profound techniques of Kinesiology.

The art of communication begins with your own unique langauge.

Words are dropped in, and carefully crafted sentences formed. Emotions begin to resonate with every fibre of your being as we uncover the truths that have been lost in translation.


She's coming to you with her gift, whether its big or small. She points out your blind spots with love and gets to work cleaning up anything that needs to go. As the conversation flows, together you morph what is sitting within your combine energy field into the manifestation of service.


Awareness, acknowledgment and absorption rotate through the field as you step further into the light of your business.

You indulge in these moments with her. They feel exciting, awakening and peaceful. This is how it feels to experience the interlocking of an understanding between you and her. 


The great coming together.


The pathway

Duration - 2hrs

  • Book a time that feels available and spacious for you

  • You will be emailed a questionnaire that asks you specific questions about your business

  • Our 90-minute virtual zoom session begins at our agreed time

  • We start by setting up our intention through the action of ceremony and celebration

  • You will receive 30 minutes of Voxer support for up to 2 weeks after your session to support your ripple effect

  • Your investment - $400.00 AUD


The finer details



Choose a day and time that feels right for you. A day that you can fully commit to. The intention behind a private booking time is to start our journey together with spaciousness. The time and energy around your session is just as important as the time energy that we invest into your session. A private booking time ensures that the peripheral space around your business balance is clean and intentional, creating a more anchored, impactful session. My available times will be in AEST. Please consider this with your time zone when confirming your appointment time.

To book a business balancing sessions with Kathy please fill in the following contact form stating that you want to book a business balancing session.

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