What is Kinesiology good for?

It is important to know that Kinesiologists do not diagnose. Kinesiologists are not qualified to do so and any diagnosis should always be given by a professional General Practitioner. Kinesiology works on the Eastern Medicine model which means we work with the symptoms of the body to help reduce pain, discomfort, stress and emotional symptoms. In Kinesiology we look at the body as an open-ended vessel, this meaning that we treat the body like a constant flow of energy that can be tweaked and maintained for us to live our best lives. Looking at the bodies structural, nutritional and emotional components allow us to work with all symptoms bringing the body back to a state of balance. The table below shows what symptoms we can work with on a structural, emotional and nutritional level.




  • headaches and migraines

  • muscle issues

  • spinal and pelvis issues

  • insomnia/sleep issues

  • reoccuring infections

  • lymphatic drainage

  • RSI syndrome

  • pelvis, spine and knee issues

  • chronic pain, discomfort, and tenderness

  • weight loss

  • energy levels

  • irregular periods

  • adrenal fatigue

  • stress

  • anxiety

  • panic attacks

  • depression

  • emotional skin flare-ups

  • emotional trauma

  • reducing irrational reactions

  • breaking conditioning behaviour

  • behavioural dysfunctions

  • dealing with grief and loss

  • postural stress release

  • expelling limiting beliefs

  • releasing bad habits

  • awareness around emotional blockages

  • eliminating self-sabotage

  • accessing the subconscious mind

  • food sensitivity testing

  • immune system sensitivity

  • hormonal imbalances

  • gut health

  • nutritional cell absorption

  • lymphatic system

  • increase energy levels

  • different stages of nutrition including absorption, digestion, and waste.

  • leaky gut

  • nutritional skin issues

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