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Free 5 day Audio Series

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Each day, for 5 days you will be emailed a short audio lesson of me sharing my education and experience on a specific topic about being a Kinesiologist in business and how I have grown my career and practice.

Our theme for the 5 days -  Business.

Day 1 - How to educate others about Kinesiology

Do you feel confident when explaining Kinesiology? Do you experience people glazing over when you tell them what Kinesiology is?

Day 2 - How personal practise builds a thriving business

Are you connecting with Kinesiology personally? Are you having an experience with the modality? What is your contributing part?

Day 3 - Your genius zone

Are you unclear about your specific area of genius as a Kinesiologist? How do you want to help people as a Kinesiologist?

Day 4 - Breaking the myth that Kinesiology is 'woo-woo'

Are you worried that people don't take the power of kinesiology seriously - placing it in the woo-woo category when you know how powerful it is? How do you show them that this is an evidence-based medicine that should be taken seriously when it comes to healing?

Day 5 - Leadership in business as a Kinesiologist

Do you feel a sense of ownership as a Kinesiologist or does imposter syndrome stop you from leading?

Starts November 7th

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Free 5 day Audio Series

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