About me

I was first introduced to Kinesiology back in 2014 when my son was born. We both experienced a traumatic birth process where every drug had been pumped through our system's over an intense 48-hour process.

Gratefully my son was born alive and healthy, however, we had great difficulty with feeding, movement, dizziness, bowel movements and physical development.
Being the determined mother I am I immediately booked us in to see a Chiropractor that specialised in babies and children, it was here that I witnessed my first experience of Kinesiology.

My Chiropractor began muscle testing my son through me so she could find what parts of his body were holding stress structurally, physically and emotionally. The results - freaking outstanding! She particularly worked on the left side of his body which was tightly pulled from our birthing process. She cleared the emotional anxiety he has also experienced through birth and as I felt my son melt into my arms with relief I knew that this was something I just had to learn. The changes in his sleeping, feeding, bowels and development all happened in a space of 24 hours.
I went on to study Kinesiology loving everything about it, absorbing every bit of information I could so I could help my children, family and friends. My passion for Kinesiology grew and I began the transformation to turn this new amazing knowledge I had into a career, thriving on helping others regain balance in their physical, emotional, mental and nutritional bodies.